Product Labeling for Small, Local Bakery

This past week I finished a project for my long-time client Lisa and the Glenn Family Bakery. Lisa wanted to create label stickers for some of her products. The labels needed to conform to a few basic requirements:

  1.  Present the business logo (obviously)
  2. Display the web address
  3. Represent the general product category in the container (cookies, bread, bars, etc)
  4. Leave a space to write the specific product on the label (chocolate chip, lemon squares, etc)
  5. Oval shape
  6. No bigger than a standard business card
  7. Conform to a template that Lisa could print at home on her own computer

Sarasota Bakery Label made by Austin / Welch TechnologyThe project wasn’t very difficult and only took a bout 3.5 hours to get the final draft in a few different variations. (I had to reverse engineer the fonts as the original logo designer was out of the country). To accommodate Lisa’s need to print on demand from her own computer, I used Avery Label 22804 for this project.

What I like about this small detail is the impact it can have. It is a relatively inexpensive way to reinforce your brand to the public. It’s like having a business card travel with every product you sell. The only difference is the label is something that a client is likely to actually look at multiple times.

Simple Is Good

The label doesn’t have to be extravagant or designed by a Ringling Art & Design graduate. You can probably do a simple label yourself with a word processor and your logo. The label should be clean, uncluttered, and perform the simple function of telling clients who you are and what’s in the package.

It’s these small details that, in my opinion, make your product presentations that much more attractive and effective. Especially if your product is something you can ship. For many small businesses that sell at farmers markets and the like, reminding buyers about your product after they’ve left the market can be the difference between a one-time buyer and a repeat customer.

Christopher at can create a reusable label for your small business products for around $175.

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