Sports Calendar Advertising

I just finished an ad for my client New York Slice Company. (BTW, if you’re in the Sarasota, Florida area and want some fantastic pizza, check them out).

Pizza is, of course, the world’s perfect food. And it is even more perfect for school sports teams. It’s a great way to affordably celebrate with the whole winning team or affordably console the whole losing team. Whatever side of the win/lose story you’re on, pizza is the way to go.

A small  company out of Colorado called HP Posters publishes calendars with the home and away game dates for school athletic groups. On the calendars they sell advertising space for companies in the area. Getting ready for football season, NYSC thought it would be a good idea to let the coaches, players, and parents know that the best pizza is just around the corner. Here’s the ad I came up with:


The ad needed to accommodate a few requests from the client:

  1. Let the people know that the business is family owned and operated.
  2. Obviously, include the contact information.
  3. Describe the product, “Gourmet, Hand-tossed…” etc.
  4. Advertise their daily slice special.
  5. Advertise their $5 cheese pizza special because that should be popular for feeding many mouths at a reduced rate.

That’s about it. The ad space was a little over 5″ x 3″ which was plenty of space to get all the info posted in an attractive way.

The ad was developed using all open-source software: The Gimp for graphic design and Scribus for desktop publishing.

An ad like this will typically cost between $105 and $175 for me to create for an existing  client. Please contact me for advertising graphics like this.

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