Creative Sarasota Design & Development

Blue Rooster Sarasota Website Example

Soooooo… it’s been a while since I last posted. A lot has happened since December of 2018 when last I put something up. One of the big things (aside from coronavirus… btw, stay safe) is that I’ve partnered with a good friend and great artists/designer/photographer to establish Creative Sarasota Design and Development. We’ve got a lot of cool things going on and I think it’s going to be an eventful year.

I’ve been posting on our new website about the projects we’ve been doing. So, I thought I’d publish a post here simply listing the projects and linking to the existing posts. We’ve built out websites for everything from homemade puffed corn chefs, to luxury garage condos, to restaurants and bars. So, without further ado, here is a cross section our last year in order starting in January of 2019:

Krack-n-Snacks puffed corn website for a local family breaking into the local farmers market scene. View Web Design Details.

Blackbeard’s Ranch is a family operation offering free-range animal food products and ecology education. View Web Design Details.

Wheel Base Garage Condos is a project offering luxury garage condos for sale to people who want to store their vehicles off site. View Web Design Details.

Blue Rooster Restaurant & Bar is a local establishment offering food and drinks with a southern style and heavy focus on music. View Web Design Details.

Restaurant Consulting USA is run by a friend who helps restaurants with a variety of issues from setup, training, recovery, and more. View Web Design Details.

Mike Kelly Photography was a design recreation as the original designer was long gone and the site needed updated technology on a budget. View Project Details.

Dockside Waterfront Grill, located in Venice, is one of several brands owned by the Gecko’s Hospitality Group. It did not have its own website, so we built one for them. View Web Project Details.

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