7 Ways To Expand Your Web Presence

Here is a simple truth about your business's web presence: the more useful, relevant, and positive data about your business on the web, the better it is for your business regardless of how small  or insignificant the data may seem. In my last blog post I discussed easy ideas for making regular changes and updates … Continue reading 7 Ways To Expand Your Web Presence

Get Busy Doing Something, Even If It’s Wrong

Many business owners don't give their website much attention after it's been built and published. For whatever reasons their website becomes a static brochure that fulfils a very basic role. But, making regular updates and changes to your website is good for search engines, humans, performance, and security. Here is a list of updates and changes you can easily and inexpensively enact on a regular basis.

Domain Name Horror

Not too long ago I had a client (we'll call her Sarah) who ended up in a pickle with her website and domain name. Long story short, Sarah originally set up her business website hosting and domain registration through a small company. After many years that company was going out of business. The guy that … Continue reading Domain Name Horror

Equipment For Taking Good Product Photos With Your Smartphone

With the increased evolution and capabilities of technology, managing the marketing of your business is becoming easier and more competitive. Technologies like smart phones, tablets, and mobile Internet access means you have higher quality tools available at a lower cost to promote your service or products. One of the most powerful tools available is the … Continue reading Equipment For Taking Good Product Photos With Your Smartphone

Don’t Kill Your Own Business

Around the summer of 2009 I met with a salesman who was hawking a service designed to increase your website's ranking in search engines.  Let me just say, I didn't know what he was selling before the meeting, and after I found out, I diplomatically ended the meeting.  The service was as follows: The company … Continue reading Don’t Kill Your Own Business

Respect Trust

Respect The Trust That People Give You. I am thinking about this because I was just reading an article from PCWorld Daily News about all the information that Facebook keeps.  Apparently, FB maintains a large dossier on all users which includes all of your messages (even the ones you delete), who you poke, who you … Continue reading Respect Trust