3 Simple Reasons For Keyword Volume Analysis

Analysing the keywords and keyphrases associated with your business or industry and creating a basic strategy based on volume can be helpful in a lot of ways. Here are 3 things I have been thinking about recently. General Search Volume Simply put, search volume refers to the average amount of times a word or phrase … Continue reading 3 Simple Reasons For Keyword Volume Analysis

Free Scribus Postcard Template – Tech

I recently implemented a direct mail campaign to drum up some new business. I thought it might be a nice thing to take a variation of the design I created for myself and put it out there for other small business owners to use. This design is for a slightly over-sized postcard of 8.5" x … Continue reading Free Scribus Postcard Template – Tech

DIY Simple Business Cards with Scribus

This is a DIY tutorial illustrating how to build a simple business card using the free Scribus Desktop Publishing Software. The tutorial, however, has a different and greater purpose. With services like VistaPrint and others, you can likely get a much better looking business card using one of their free templates than what you will … Continue reading DIY Simple Business Cards with Scribus