Why Regular WordPress Audits Are Important

If your WordPress website is important to your business or organization then it is crucial that it be audited at least every month. Even if your website is just a "brochure" website or a simple landing page and doesn't receive regular updates, a lot can happen to it that will negatively impact your business or reputation. Here are some examples and stories of things that can happen if you don't audit your website regularly and the basic things you should audit when you do.

3 Simple Reasons For Keyword Volume Analysis

Analysing the keywords and keyphrases associated with your business or industry and creating a basic strategy based on volume can be helpful in a lot of ways. Here are 3 things I have been thinking about recently. General Search Volume Simply put, search volume refers to the average amount of times a word or phrase … Continue reading 3 Simple Reasons For Keyword Volume Analysis

WordPress Is Evolving – Stage One Is Gutenberg – Resistance Is Futile

WordPress Is Evolving And It Will Affect You Starting this year WordPress is dramatically and irrevocably changing the way it looks, works, and handles data.  This is going to cause some growing pains and some people may be wondering why the company would change a product that is working perfectly fine. While I can't answer … Continue reading WordPress Is Evolving – Stage One Is Gutenberg – Resistance Is Futile

Branding ABCs: Simple But Striking Typographical Logos

This is wonderfully simple post with examples to inspire uncomplicated, font-based logos. A good starting point for small business owners who don’t have design skills looking to explore developing their own business logo. Remember to get feedback from friends before deploying your self-made logo. Outside input is always good!


A logo gives your website an instant pop of professionalism; it’s such a key part of any website that WordPress.com includes a Site Logo tool to make adding one as straightforward as possible.

What if you don’t have the resources to have someone create a logo, or aren’t confident in your design chops? Sometimes a few letters are all you need — all the following sites use their initials for graphic, memorable logos.

Simple Monograms

Monograms aren’t just for polo shirts, and simple doesn’t mean boring or unremarkable. Pick a font that matches your brand’s personality and add a color — there are infinite possibilities, so you can create something elegant, playful, or bold.

From left to right: interdisciplinary journal of arts and culture Michigan Quarterly Review, lifestyle and psychology site Farnam Street, media criticism site Columbia Journalism Review.

Not sure how to choose a font? Check out…

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