DIY Simple Business Cards with Scribus

This is a DIY tutorial illustrating how to build a simple business card using the free Scribus Desktop Publishing Software. The tutorial, however, has a different and greater purpose. With services like VistaPrint and others, you can likely get a much better looking business card using one of their free templates than what you will … Continue reading DIY Simple Business Cards with Scribus

Tell Me Yours Before You Ask Me For Mine

I will fully admit and embrace the fact that I am a bit of a misanthrope. It's true: I tend to be weary of people (thus, easily annoyed) even though I am good natured, gregarious, and warm hearted. So I will take a bit of the responsibility for the following rant-business-phone-tip you're about to read. … Continue reading Tell Me Yours Before You Ask Me For Mine

Product Labeling for Small, Local Bakery

This past week I finished a project for my long-time client Lisa and the Glenn Family Bakery. Lisa wanted to create label stickers for some of her products. The labels needed to conform to a few basic requirements: ¬†Present the business logo (obviously) Display the web address Represent the general product category in the container … Continue reading Product Labeling for Small, Local Bakery

Landing Page for CBD Baked Goods

The week of May 14th I was talking with one of my clients, the Glenn Family Bakery in Sarasota. They had recently added a new category to their menu: CBD Baked Goods. These new menu items were catching on fast and Lisa, the owner, wanted to take advantage of that momentum. We chatted for 30 minutes or so on the phone and decided that a landing page would be a good first step in marketing the products. So I set out to find a good domain name for them.